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Just a few of the ways we cut through the noise

Brand & Identity

First, we identify the brand voice for your company. Then we identify the target customer. Finally, we get the right message to the right person at the right time to drive real business results.

We believe in helping your business be successful in the year we’re actually doing business in…and adjusting to the ever-shifting digital market.


It’s our job to tell the story of your business by creating content that actually works. Each year, we produce tens of thousands of videos and photos, hundreds of thousands of social posts, graphics and articles, and spend tens of millions of dollars on social and digital advertising that ACTUALLY makes you money. We have a creative team that consists of video production, photographers, writers, graphic designers, web developers, publicists, social media planners and more.

All that matters is making sure we use a laser focus to deliver content to your exact demographic in a way that will get them to engage and convert.

Media Planning

For years, “media planning” meant “traditional media buying”. But now it goes so far beyond that. Our approach to media planning is a highly structured and targeted combination of free media (public relations) along with targeted media buying on relevant platforms.

For some clients, this means traditional. But for many others, it means targeted creative ad campaigns on platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Podcasts, YouTube, SEM and so much more.

Influencer Marketing

We don’t care about the platform. We care about the story. Our team carefully selects social media influencers and works with them to distribute custom produced and branded content to their die-hard audiences.

We take that a step further. We don’t just leverage social influencers for their endorsements. We partner with them to utilize the data behind their audiences to drive you more sales in a way that never feels like “advertising”.

Embrace Integrity

what we stand for

  • About Us

  • Proudly and patriotically serving clients in every state in America

  • We design and execute winning marketing strategies to help our clients cut through the noise and connect directly with consumers.

    We utilize native storytelling and market segmentation to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

    We leverage the pulse of the people to identify where the market is and where it’s going during what is the biggest cultural shift of our generation.

  • Our Process

  • We accomplish this by forging personal connections between brands and consumers.  We make that connection by understanding where the consumer is and what their needs are and identifying what makes them tick.  Then we deploy strategic action plans and unique content to develop and deepen those relationships.

    We fill the role of an entire marketing team for our clients – including strategists, writers, cinematographers, photographers, editors, graphic designers, web developers, media buyers, social media specialists, public relations experts and more.

Senior Leadership

  • Kyle S. Reyes

  • President and CEO
  • Allison Pagliughi

  • Director of Operations

Our Core Values

  • Family

  • We believe that family and community are among the most important baselines of any organization. We believe in volunteerism and giving back to the community. We are in the middle of a campaign to donate $1,000,000 in services to first responders and veterans to help tell their stories and support their families.

  • Faith

  • Political correctness be damned. We are who we are and have what we have because of a greater good. We might call that greater good by different names…but faith is an integral part of who we are. We operate our business with values, ethics and integrity and expect our clients to do the same.

  • Forward Thinking

  • We aren’t here to kiss your ass and make you feel good. We are here to help you grow. We will challenge you. We will call into question what you perceive to be conventional wisdom. We will be candid and uncensored. If something doesn’t work, we’ll tell you and we’ll help you fix it. We aren’t going into business with your company to be your friends – we’re going into business to be your partners and to help your company explode. The fact that our teams end up sharing beers or bourbon to celebrate the wins we’ll help you bring is simply the icing on the cake.

Follow Us

You can follow The Silent Partner Marketing on Facebook. You can follow our CEO on his public figure page. Be warned: he’s not afraid of controversy and he’s quite the patriotic American…


  • It started with our pledge to donate $250,000 in services to police to help tell the stories behind the badges. When self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” called for a ban of our agency for supporting “pigs and killers”, we decided to double our donation and expand it to all first responders and veterans and told the internet trolls to kiss our American asses.

    We’ve since partnered with The Whiskey Patriots to again double the donation to $1,000,000 in pledged services.

    Our team at The Silent Partner Marketing stands firmly behind the men and women of our country who protect and serve. We believe that the thin blue line they represent is what keeps law and order and protects our families, our businesses and our nation.

    These donations are meant to capture on camera the stories of departments, officers and the work they do. In addition to our video services, we’ll be offering support services at no charge to help departments distribute these tremendous stories online and utilize social media to help continue the conversation.

    Here are some of our campaigns to date. Feel free to email us to nominate a deserving department.

    God bless the men and women who serve…and God bless America.


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Ideas are garbage. Execution is everything. We want to make sure to answer any questions you may have and deliver quickly and efficiently on all of your needs. Please give us as much detail as possible about how we can help you when submitting an inquiry. If you’re looking to connect directly with our CEO, the best places to reach him are here on Facebook and here on LinkedIn.

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